About Cactic Fitness

Cactic Fitness started with a passion for fitness and a problem that needed to be solved. After the birth of my first daughter I suddenly no longer had the time to go to gym. Before baby, life consisted of early morning or evening gym sessions, but this changed…

I chatted to some of my friends and colleagues and I realised that this was a common problem. Out of time and desperate to train, I got together with my Cactic team to design a gym for the father and businessman with no time. It was important that the gym is compact, can be used at home or the office and was for the entire body. What we came up with was something that far exceeded our expectations and needs.

We immediately realised that this was something special and after the patent went through on 31 January 2014, Cactic Fitness officially launched. Below is a introduction video to the gym we created during this process.


We have significantly expanded our product range and will continue to do so. We love manufacturing and we love fitness!

Yours sincerely,

Alec Candiotes

Co-founder and Company director

Gym. Your Way.

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