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The upper body arm works in sets of 2. Its purpose is to hold the 32mm pull up bar. The catch and latch system makes it easy to fasten and loosen the multi-bar to adjust the upper body arm to the desired height on the column. It has to tear drop slots for the multi-bar to enable the user to set up a multple station system at different heights for short and tall users.

The upper body arms and bar (top) has two levels for pull ups. Great for pull ups, attaching gym rings or suspension straps and rubber loops. Kipping as well as standard pull ups can be executed. If you’re not strong enough to do a pull up you can lower the arms so that your feet are on the floor and then do an assisted pull up. As you lower the arms further you can do push ups at various angles until almost horizontal with the floor. Rubber loops can also be attached and used at the different heights.

As the bar is lowered push ups at different angles are also possible.

When the arms and bar are closer to the lowest level you can also do tricep dips. By lying on the ground and placing your feet on the bar pelvic thrusts are easy to complete.

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