Commercial Facility

Flexible Commercial Training Systems
Gym Solutions to meet specific needs

customisable - modular - versatile

Exercise Options

  • Functional
  • Circuit
  • Resistance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power lifting
  • Conditioning
  • Simulation
  • Cardio
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight
  • Suspended


  • Cost efficient
  • Neat and compact
  • Configurable layout
  • Easy set up
  • Multi-discipline
  • Multiple users
  • Commercial strength
  • Turnkey solution
  • Transportable
  • On-site model upgrade
  • No building plans required

The versatility of the Cactic Fitness Systems lets you design the solution that meets your customers' requirements.

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Custom Gym Solutions

Fitness needs vary from person to person just as much as taste in clothes, medical needs and diet. Some may enjoy strength training, others benefit more from yoga and Pilates.

Cactic is a great gym platform for people who enjoy more specialised exercise disciplines such as calisthenics, or those who would like to increase performance in a specific sport.

Cactic Fitness understands that fitness is a journey and that our needs change as we get older or focus shifts, our slogan, “Gym. Your way”, bears out that phiolosphy. We also believe that fitness is to be enjoyed by everyone, and that everyone deserves to benefit from accessible quality fitness equipment.

That’s why we design and manufacture our signature systems and solutions, all of which are inclusive and supportive of every body type, training style, and fitness level.

This allows for every Cactic Fitness system and solution to be of benefit to anybody who uses it, and to continue to be of equal benefit as your fitness needs and level changes and grows. 

The patented, innovative, modular design that sets Cactic Fitness apart allows for every Cactic Fitness system and solution to be easily and successfully customised and tailored to your unique needs, while still allowing for freedom, exploration, and growth.

Most notable, aside from our WallFit range, is our GridFit range. GridFit allows you to build multiple workout stations, beginning with a Cactic Fitness Multi-Sport Express, which accommodates up to six people at once, and expanding indefinitely from there.

At Cactic Fitness, we stand by providing quality in every area. Cactic Fitness system and solution is made from only the highest-grade, commercial quality materials, from the smallest bolt to the largest sheets of metal.

Our after-sale team is always on board to answer your questions or assist you in whatever you need when it comes to getting the best out of your Cactic Fitness experience.

Cactic Fitness is proud to be a part of the growing, vibrant continent that is Africa. Cactic Fitness systems and solutions are designed and manufactured by hard-working, passionate South Africans, using primarily materials sourced from within the country.

We are proud to provide South Africa and the world with the highest quality fitness systems and solutions.