One Column Full Body Standard

The One Column Full Body Standard is a complete home gym that only takes up 60cm of wall space.

Space saving, full body, quality, outdoor or indoor and made in 🇿🇦….Who says you cannot have your cake and eat it?

Cactic Fitness attachments:

Patented Column
The foundation of the system. 2.15m high and 17cm wide. Affixed with 6 fasteners to the wall (floor mount options available in the GridFit range). Fasteners included. The modular design enables you to expand your one column system to a 2 and 3 column system (or even more) as your need grows.

Dip stand with 2 Crunch bars
The dip stand can offer over 50 exercises. Versatile and strong. Move it to the top for pull ups, leg raises, muscle ups or as a mount point for your resistance bands. Move it to the middle for dips, angles bicep curls, shoulder presses or L-sits. Move it to the bottom for hand stand push ups, assisted dips, Bulgarian split squats, elevated planking or tricep pull overs.

Once you are done the dip stand can stow away in 10cm on the side of the column.

Plus-bar and Stop-it bracket
Hook your resistance at the desired level on the column and train almost any muscle you can imagine. Perfect for simulation exercises. Trust us, resistance bands are very effective and extremely versatile!! Each Plus-bar is used with a safety bracket called a Stop-it bracket.

Accessory holder
Keep your gym neat and accessible by hanging all accessories on the accessory holder.

Products are manufactured to order and ready for shipping within 16 days.

Included Accessories

2 x Rubber Loops
1 x Skipping Rope
1 x Exercise Mat
1 x Installation Kit

Included modules

Dip Stand / Leg Raise Grip / Tricep Stand

The dip stand allows for standard dips when about half way up the column. When adjusted to the top, pull ups can easily be executed and, when at the base of the column, triceps can be exercised. During any of those workouts rubber loops can be introduced to make the exercise more challenging.

The crunch bars used in the dip stand can be removed and used to do bicep curls, shoulders and several other exercises.

Plus Bar - Rubber loops, landmine and rope attachment

Rubber loops or tubes are attached using the plus bars. These can be adjusted up and down the columns and are held in place with a specially designed stopper bracket to ensure they don’t detach while working out. By adjusting their position rubber loops can be used from all positions. The plus bar can be attached to the same or either of the columns and then used singly or together.

Easily workout all muscle groups with just the loops. Attach on either column to do standing chest press or shoulders. Lunge against the loop resistance while doing a bicep curl and similar more complex workouts. There is a limitless range of workouts that can be performed.

Accessory Holder

The accessory holder is a neat and easy way to store your training accessories such as: Rubber loops, jump ropes, suspension straps etc.

Used with the One Column Full Body Standard

Exercise Chart - One Column Full Body

Dip Stand in Use

Working out Together

Plus Bar -Small - in Use

Cactic Fitness products are proudly manufactured in South Africa
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