Plain and Simple


Pay over 12 months

As the name says this rig is plain and simple but you
will not get bored. The combination of the plus bars and stomach bracket adds depth to your workout. The system consists of: 1 x columns, 2 x plus bars, 2 x stoppers, 1 x stomach bracket and 1 x crunch bar.

Included modules

Plus Bar - Rubber loops, landmine and rope attachment

Rubber loops or tubes are attached using the plus bars. These can be adjusted up and down the columns and are held in place with a specially designed stopper bracket to ensure they don’t detach while working out. By adjusting their position rubber loops can be used from all positions. The plus bar can be attached to the same or either of the columns and then used singly or together.

Easily workout all muscle groups with just the loops. Attach on either column to do standing chest press or shoulders. Lunge against the loop resistance while doing a bicep curl and similar more complex workouts. There is a limitless range of workouts that can be performed.

Stomach Bracket

The stomach bracket can be used for leg raises when in the top position and sit ups when in the lower position.

Used with the Plain and Simple

Plus Bar -Small - in Use