I Love Legs


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This solution includes the box jump that is perfect for jumps as well as calf workout. The box jump can also be replaced by a Multi-Bar and the lower arms moved up and down to allow pull ups and even attach gym rings or suspensions straps when in the top position. The lower arms are also made for heavy weight to be used in bench presses or as spotting arms for squats.

Included modules

Lower Body / Spotting Arms

The lower body / spotting arms can be used to support bars and weights for squats when positioned higher, or for bench presses when positioned lower. There is also provision made for the multi-purpose pull up bar to be used for tricep, push-up and various stomach exercises. The lower body arms can support up to 700kg.

The box jump attachment is attached to the lower body arms.

Box Jump and Step

The box jump module is attached to the lower body arms and these can be positioned anywhere on the columns. Start with a low box jump and gradually raise the height as you get stronger. Use the module to sit on and then extend your legs or complete leg raises. Standing on the module allows you to do calf raises and add resistance by using rubber loops.

The box jump module allows for many innovative workouts, not just legs.

Weight Plate Holder

Store weight plates, standard and Olympic, on the weight plate holder.

4 Bar Holder

Store up to 4 bars in the storage unit. 3 Crunch bars, as per those used in the dip stand, and one Olympic bar.

Detailed Module List

2 x columns, 2 x lower body and spotting arms; 1 x box jump and stepper; 2 x j-cups; 1 x four hole bar holder and 2 x plate weight holder.

Used with the I Love Legs

Flexible Lower Arm Box Jump Positions

Lower Body Arms in Use