Standard Full Body System

The Standard Full Body is the perfect fitness equipment for a demanding gym workout. Upper Body Arms alone offer a wide range of exercises and combined with the Lower Body Arms, all muscle groups are covered. Cactic Fitness Facilities can be surface / wall / container mounted or free standing. Examples of the various workouts can be seen in the gallery images.

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Included modules

Upper Body Arms - pull ups, chest, shoulder, triceps

The upper body arms and bar (top) has two levels for pull ups. Great for pull ups, attaching gym rings or suspension straps and rubber loops. Kipping as well as standard pull ups can be executed. If you’re not strong enough to do a pull up you can lower the arms so that your feet are on the floor and then do an assisted pull up. As you lower the arms further you can do push ups at various angles until almost horizontal with the floor. Rubber loops can also be attached and used at the different heights.

As the bar is lowered push ups at different angles are also possible.

When the arms and bar are closer to the lowest level you can also do tricep dips. By lying on the ground and placing your feet on the bar pelvic thrusts are easy to complete.

Lower Body / Spotting Arms

The lower body / spotting arms can be used to support bars and weights for squats when positioned higher, or for bench presses when positioned lower. There is also provision made for the multi-purpose pull up bar to be used for tricep, push-up and various stomach exercises. The lower body arms can support up to 700kg.

The box jump attachment is attached to the lower body arms.

Multi Bar

The Multi-Bar is just over a meter long and used for several purposes. These include several workouts including pull ups, push ups, triceps dips and bicep curls.

Gym rings as well as suspensions straps can also be attached.

The bar can also be used independently of the upper body arms and used for squats, chest fly's, bicep curls, lunges etc.

Detailed Module List

2 x columns, 2 x upper body arms, 2 lower body and spotting arms and 1 x multi-bar.
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Images showing workouts using modules in the Full Body Combo. The images show workouts from systems mounted to walls, containers or free standing. Also included are various accessories.

Cactic Fitness products are proudly manufactured in South Africa
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