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Made for the whole family

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Home Friendly Gym Equipment

The whole family can train together. Serious training for you, fun for your children.

Start with a Single Column

A wide range of exercises are available from the smallest installation in the gym equipment range. Expand by adding more modules or a second column. A boxing bag can also be attached to the single column system.

Once Column Cactic Fitness System
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Neatly installed

The Cactic Home Fitness Facility fits neatly against the wall, indoors or outside. Focus on body weight training or heavy lifting. You decide and create the gym you want.

Expand by adding Modules

Expand your Cactic Home Fitness facility to include body weight training, box jumps, calisthenics,  heavy lifting, suspension straps, rubber loops and tubes, battle ropes and even a boxing bag. All modules can be stored along the side of the columns, including Olympic bars and weight plates.

Cactic and Modules

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