WallFit - Wall mounted Training System

The Cactic Fitness WallFit range is designed for homes, commercial gyms, fitness facilities, and office gyms. WallFit makes exercising from home not only possible, but better than ever before.

Ex-Bulls athlete and trainer Jannie Brooks commends and has used WallFit, The Sharks rugby team, The Highveld Lions cricket team, as does KeyHealth Neverest and 2nd-place OCR World Champion 2014 and 2015 athlete Greg Avierinos. Cactic Fitness Co-Founder and MD Alec Candiotes works out on his personal WallFit systems daily.

At Cactic Fitness, we believe that fitness is for everyone and that fitness is meant to be enjoyed, and our signature WallFit systems embody these values. Order your WallFit system today and become a part of the Cactic Fitness experience!

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