Cactic Fitness Facilities - Modular Gym Equipment Systems for Home and Commercial Gyms

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The most cost effective, flexible training solution.

Do more in less space.


4 Column System

Concerned about space? Concerned about rent? Concerned about equipment costs?

With Cactic Fitness Facilities you can say goodbye to high rentals and expensive, high maintenance equipment.

Train more people in less space and get excellent results. Being modular you can choose what you need to give your members the best workout.

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The modular solution that lets you create your own custom Fitness Facility.

Choose and interchange the equipment modules between the wall mounted, container and free standing gym systems.

The columns can be mounted against a wall, dry wall, container, or attached to a free standing platform. Install indoors or outdoors. You have the freedom to configure the system that meets your needs.

Here are some suggested configurations.

Cactic Fitness Facilities are :: transportable :: modular :: versatile

Questions? Need a custom solution? Give us your requirements and we'll create a Fitness Facility that's right for you.