Mobile, modular Gym Equipment

Modular shipping container gym solutions perfect for schools, functional training facilities and ideal for remote locations. The modular nature allows you to create different workout stations as you need. Train up to 40 people inside and outside, a 360 degree solution. When you’re done, the modules can be stored neatly inside and the container locked. Each unit is secure, has power, lights, a distribution board and plug points.

Multi Sport S From the Top

The container gym that gets results

Train large groups and teams with the Multi-Sport S Container Gym Fitness Facility. The fitness facility is fitted with Cactic Fitness modules as well as all accessories, including bars, plates, loops and battle ropes.

All you need to workout at home

One Column Full Body Plus

One Column Full Body

The ultimate home gym

A small sample of what’s possible with this home gym. Illustrated here are the exercises possible with the dip stand set. Pull ups, leg raises, horizontal pull ups, angled push ups and triceps dips are a few of the options available.

A cost effective solution that allows for multiple exercises.

Gym Equipment that unlocks limitless workout options

Cactic Fitness is more than gym equipment. 

The flexible, modular design of Cactic Fitness provides a platform for an unlimited range of exercises and workout options. More than gym equipment or a standard multi gym, a total gym solution.

Made for the home or commercial gym environment.

Cactic Fitness - 2 Column Facility - More than just gym equipment

The Cactic system been a game changer for my business with EMS and the group classes I provide. Any exercise you can think of in a gym I can simulate on the Cactic fitness facility. Its a very neat product , does not take up a lot of space and is super versatile in any training environment. This product caters for young, old and people that want to be active in any sport as well as for the professional. 5 Star rating without a doubt.”

Jacques Fagan, Body20 owner , USN ambassador, IBFF profesional

Multi Sport Express Photo 4 Cactic Fitness

Free Standing mobile gym

The Multi-Sport Express has two sets of columns creating 2 work stations. Use indoors or outdoors.

Cactic Fitness Facility

Opening a Gym?

The most cost effective, flexible, gym equipment training solution.

All installations use the same base columns. Mount to the wall, free standing base, container or concrete floor.

Do more in less space.

The home and commercial gym equipment solution that lets you create your own custom Fitness Facility.

Choose the number of columns

Choose the number of columns

Select Preferred Modules

Cactic and Modules

Mount (almost) Anywhere

Cactic Fitness Multi Sport S20 Brooks Gym 9 1
Multi Sport Express F1 2 Cactic Fitness
Cactic Fitness

Start Training

Cactic Fitness Outdoor gym Multi Sport S 8
Multi Sport Express Photo 4 Cactic Fitness

Cactic Fitness Facilities are :: transportable :: modular :: versatile

Questions? Need a custom solution? Home or commercial gym? Provide us with your requirements and we’ll create a Fitness Facility that’s right for you.

We’re standing by to assist you

We’re standing by to assist you