Modular Gym Equipment Systems



Unlock a limitless range of exercises for you (and your customers).

This month Cactic is offering the CTS2 Cactic Training System at a reduced price and including a range of gym accessories from Origin Fitness.

Offer your customers more workout options by turning your walls into workout stations.

Cactic Fitness is a modular gym equipment training system that gives you the choice to create the gym that's right for you or a group of people. Each module unlocks new exercises allowing you to target different muscle groups. Talk to us about your fitness goals and we'll make a gym solution that's right for you.

Ideal for the home, school, team, corporate, hospitality, personal training or commercial gym

The modular gym equipment solution that let's you create the gym that's right for you.

Choose and interchange the equipment modules between the wall mounted, container and free standing gym systems.

The columns can be mounted against a wall, dry wall, container, or attached to a free standing platform. Install indoors or outdoors. You have the freedom to configure the system that meets your needs.

Here are some suggested configurations.

An extensive range of options to exercise all muscle groups. Your imagination is the only limit.

This is a small sample of what's possible using the various modules. All muscle groups can be effectively activated. Whether it's heavy lifting, using body weight, toning or just staying in shape, Cactic Fitness has a training system for you.



Suspension Straps


Upper Body

Product Features :: transportable - modular - versatile

The various modules for Cactic Fitness can be used on all versions of the product. Whether it's a wall mounted, free standing, indoors or outdoors you can create the gym that meets your needs. The modules hook in and out making it easy to change the module and exercise a different muscle group.

Innovative Design


Small Indoor Footprint


Storage Options



Flexible Team Gym Footprint

Accessory Friendly

Low Maintenance

Questions? Need a custom solution? Give us your requirements and we'll create the solution for you