Multi-Sport Express

Multi-Sport Express – Group Training System
Indoor and Outdoor Group Gym

transportable - modular - versatile

Exercise Options

  • Functional
  • Circuit
  • Resistance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power lifting
  • Conditioning
  • Simulation
  • Cardio
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight
  • Suspended


  • Cost efficient
  • Neat and compact
  • Configurable layout
  • Easy set up
  • Multi-discipline
  • Multiple users
  • Commercial strength
  • Turnkey solution
  • Transportable
  • On-site model upgrade
  • No building plans required

The Cactic Fitness Multi-Sport Express is an innovative, modular turnkey gym equipment solution designed for small teams and groups who enjoy training together, or personal trainers with multiple clients. The Multi-Sport Express is endorsed by USN and ex-Blue Bulls athlete Jannie Brooks.

The Multi-Sport Express is made to support multiple users at a time and can accommodate up to six (6) users at once, of any fitness level and in any training type, with a focus on functional full body fitness.

Users at different stations can work at their own pace according to their own fitness level and training style. The Multi-Sport Express can easily be adapted to suit the height and body type of the user.

The flexible configuration allows for you to adapt the Multi-Sport Express to your specific training needs.

The Multi-Sport Express [F1/L1] comes fully equipped, giving you even more exercise and workout options and opportunities.

The Multi-Sport Express is easy and simple to set up by yourself; alternatively, Cactic Fitness does offer instillation services. The Multi-Sport Express can be set up in a garage, outdoors area, or indoors training area. It requires no building plans and is easily transportable, not restricting you to a single location.

The Multi-Sport Express is modular and can be expanded which allows for even more users and exercises! All Cactic Fitness systems are designed and manufactured in South Africa by South Africans passionate about quality fitness opportunities for all.

At Cactic Fitness, we take great pride in producing only the highest quality systems and solutions. The Multi-Sport Express is made from commercial-grade steel and finished with a clean powder coating or zinc plating, making it not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

The Multi-Sport S is made to meet your requirements.

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