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The Cactic Training System - Brief Introduction

  • The system is based on columns that accommodate a series of modules.
  • The columns can be mounted against a wall, container, dry wall or free standing.
  • Cactic can be installed indoors or outdoors. The system has been tested outdoors for over a year and has stood up to mother nature.
  • The modules allow for a limitless range of exercises.
  • The exercises range from using body weight and rubber loops through to heavy lifting with bars and weight plates.
  • There is enough distance from the wall to perform standard as well as kipping pull ups.
  • Rubber loops can be attached anywhere from ground level thorough to above head height.
  • All modules can be moved up and down the columns to adjust to your preferred height.
  • Flexibility enables you to have a body weight training system for one session, a boxing training station for the next and weight lifting for a third.
  • Box jumps, pull ups, bench presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg extensions, squats, lunges and more are all possible.
  • The range of uses is limited largely by your imagination.
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Start Small ( or Big )

  • Start with one column and start training your customers.¬†
  • The one column system can be used to do pull ups, workout biceps, triceps, shoulders, stomach, abs and legs.
  • Cactic is a flexible solution that can be expanded as required. Add a second column and get access to more modules and expand the range of exercises even further.
  • With a two column system you can train wither one or two people at the same time depending on the exercise. The two column also opens up the option for using weight plates and bars for heavy lifting.
  • Setup indoors or outdoors wherever you have the space. The small footprint means that the space can be used for other purposes when the gym is not in use.
  • The storage options means that the modules can be stored along the side of the columns against the wall.
  • Grow and adapt the gym, move from a small room to outdoors or to the sides of a container. The same column system is used for all modules.
  • The larger container gym solutions¬†(as pictured here) are shipped with all the accessories you'll need for the gym facility. From the rubber loops through to weight plates and bars.
Multi Sport Express L1 Cactic Fitness


  • Free standing, wall or container mounted the Cactic Training System can be setup anywhere.
  • The same modules and columns are used in the different applications. Move and adapt as required.
  • Go from a boxing station, to lifting heavy weights, to body weight training, to using rubber loops in seconds.
  • Accessories allow for battle ropes, rubber loops, box jumps, suspensions straps, weight plates and more.
  • Expanding is as easy as adding a new column.
  • Setup for sports specific workouts and adapt for different sports by interchanging the modules.
  • Use the same system and adapt for rehab, general fitness or high performance.
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Creating your Cactic Fitness Facility

  • There are no hard and fast rules about how to setup Cactic Fitness Systems.
  • Create the training environment using a combination of wall mounted or free standing options according to your requirements.
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